Twinkie Trivia

Did you know that Twinkies were introduced during the Depression in Chicago. This little yellow snack cake filled with a mere 160 calories and delicious vanilla cream is enjoyed around the world. Chicago is still the number one Twinkie eating city in the United States, but you can enjoy them anywhere.

When they first were introduced Twinkies were filled with Banana Cream. This changed during World War II when the United States suffered a banana shortage. Hostess did start to offer banana cream filled Twinkies as a special promotion a few years ago. My personal experience was they are hard to find. When I wrote to Hostess they sent me a few coupons and their apologies. I did get the pleasure a year latter when the illusive banana cream filled Twinkie showed back up on my grocers shelves.

If you are looking for a new way to serve and old time favorite I do have a couple of suggestions. I must warn you, that if your family is like mine you may suffer some gentle teasing about re-inventing the Twinkie. My personal favorite has been to deep fry my Twinkies in a pancake batter. They do better when left whole, if cut in half the vanilla cream tends to ooze out.

I have never tried it with the banana cream filled version. I find that I am always a bit to excited to tinker with the original. A second more decadent treat is to pull out your favorite Tiramisu recipe and substitute the Twinkies for lady fingers. http://www.gourmayeats.

com .

By: Shauna Hanus


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