This is a hobby that I really enjoyed over the years

One of my favorite hobbies for many years was growing a garden, especially tomatoes. I grew other things but the tomatoes was the most interesting, I suppose the process was what held my interest because it is related to our own growing and becoming what ever we wanted to become. If any of you are into gardening, or were at anytime in the past, then I believe you will understand this procedure very well. If you are just starting a garden you first have to find a place that you think is going to be the most fertile ground and a soil that you can work.

This takes a little understanding of what you are starting to do. Your next job is to figure out the best way to till the soil. Do you want to do the manual labor yourself, or do you want to do it the easy way with a piece of modern equipment.

Of course the modern equipment is the easier way to do it, but if the size of ground that you picked is not too large, then you can use the garden hoe. My garden was never very large so I always decided to use the hoe. I think I just wanted to be as much a part of the process physically as I could. I have to admit that sometimes I felt like I was making a mistake with that hoe, but that's what I choose to do and it always made me feel very close to those tomatoes. Once you get the ground dug up and turned over then comes the process of protecting your garden. So you get in your truck and head for Home Depot.

(Always keeping in mind that you could go to the store and get all the tomatoes you wanted for a lot less trouble and money). If you live where animals can destroy your garden you definitely want to fence it in, so you are going to need some strong post and some chicken wire, and of course you will need to build a gate so you can get in and out of your garden. Oh, by the way, don't forget to pick up some fertilizer and lime while you are at the store. You may as well get the miracle grow while you are there rather than forget it when you go back to get the ground fasteners for the chicken wire so the animals cannot dig under your fence.

Well, once you get all this in place you will be very proud of your progress so far. The ground looks perfect for growing anything. All you need now are the plants. (For me it was mostly tomatoes). So back you go to the garden store and get your plants. The one thing you forgot was a water hose long enough to reach your garden, and it may take 2 hoses depending on how far it is from your water outlet.

Now you plant your little tomato plants and go in the house and wait for your beautiful tomatoes. I'm here to tell you that your project has just started. You begin to water those plants everyday and spray some miracle grow and all of a sudden they start to grow like a wild fire. You probably never thought to purchase stakes, so you go back to the garden store and purchase some stakes.

Now what you may have forgotten was some string or strips of cloth to tie them up so when the tomatoes start growing they won't break the vines. (You are now really wondering why you don't just go to the store and buy some tomatoes) Once you get all those plants tied up you may feel like the job is done. Nope it isn't because those plants are going to keep growing and the tomatoes are getting heavy so you can look at tying them up one or two more times.

Soon you can start eating the fruits of your labor and I guarantee they will taste better than tomatoes you purchase at the store and you will look back on the experience as a great accomplishment and you will say you will do the same thing next year. You will have so many tomatoes that you will start giving them away and bragging about your joy of bringing them in the world. If you don't already know it, tomatoes are very high in lycopine which is very good for our bodies.

Why am I sending you a news letter about growing tomatoes? Quite simple, I want to run a parallel with growing tomatoes and network marketing. When you first start in networking you definitely want to pick fertile ground to start your business. Most everybody on this planet is looking for a way to make more money. Even the very rich are not comfortable resting on their laurels. They are always trying to figure a way to increase their bottom line. They have worked a plan and sticking to it.

Their plan is to make more money and they are always looking towards that goal. They never quit. Although most people want to make more money but, the majority will never do it. When you run into the dead heads, move on, because they have made up their minds that making more money is impossible I fertilized and limed the ground because I wanted the best tomatoes I could possibly get.

If you don't do the same thing with the people you sponsor in networking they will die on the vine. I brought the ground fasteners to keep the animals from digging under the chicken wire and you will have to do the same thing to keep the nay sayers from trying to tell you it won't work and you should never give up your day job, and my uncle tried something like that and never made any money. This kind of thinking will ruin your tomatoes and also your networking career. I used the Hoe in my garden because I really wanted to feel the sweat of making something work.

I needed to understand the whole plan right from the beginning. You need to do the same thing in your new found career. Do it right from the very beginning. Know what you are doing and the animals will never get to you. They will keep trying, but will not get past the chicken wire. Your people will need watering very often and the weight of starting a new venture will cause them to lean over and begin to break, so you will have to step in, and bring them closer to the stake so they will stay healthy and produce some of the best tomatoes ever grown.

Once everyone understands the true procedure of getting anything to grow and produce, the more successful they will be. Every time you may feel as though this won't work, Stop and think about the tomato story, it keeps me invigorated. If it is working for one it will work for all. All you have to do to make a fortune with the any Program is to sponsor good people that will become life members and teach them to do the same thing you did.

I always wanted 12 good producing tomato plants, so I purchased 20 because I knew some would not make it. Giving something away and making a lot of money has never been easier. I enjoyed giving those tomatoes away, and I enjoy giving my Program away, and also making people all over the world very happy and it is going to make me very wealthy?.

Join me, you will enjoy eating these tomatoes. Copyright (c) 2007 Carroll Payne.

Carroll Payne has been full time in networking for 16 years. He has helped many people over the years to get over the initial hurdle of getting started the right way in network marketing. He is willing to help any one that will listen. http://www.thesecretpays/moneystation 817-283-3367


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