Things You Probably do not Know about the Electric Tea Kettle

Modern conveniences have definitely helped make life easier for the people of today. One of the things that technology has enhanced is people's enjoyment of simple, but pleasurable things in life such as tea drinking. Before, people needed fire to boil water for brewing tea, but now, people can save on gas by using electricity to help them enjoy this simple, but invigorating ritual. With an electric tea kettle, boiling water becomes faster and easier for everyone. What Electric Tea Kettles are Made of An electric tea kettle is mainly composed of metal such as steel, aluminum, iron or silver.

However, not all kettles are all-metal because there are also those that are made of plastic. Plastic electric kettles are composed of heat-resilient materials such as polystyrene, polypropylene, or low density polyethylene, although they still need metal heating elements. Plastic electric tea kettles are lighter while metal ones are sturdier. People choose between the two depending on their needs. Electric Tea Kettle Design An electric tea kettle basically has electronic components that include a heating element, the thermostat, the power switch, a cord, and a plug. The heating element is connected to the electric cord and converts electrical energy to heat energy.

The thermostat automatically turns off the kettle when it is already boiling. The components of the tea kettle are usually manufactured by subcontracted factories outside the US. They are then delivered to local factories for final assembly, and perhaps finishing.

The raw materials of an electric kettle vary widely depending on the quality being called for. High-quality kettles typically use high grade steel or silver, while low-end tea kettles may simply use aluminum. Electric kettle design ideas are influenced by many factors. Companies who have their own research and development facilities may present new concepts for kettle designs for new functionalities and safety features. Brands that have fashion design departments may also create models for aesthetic purposes more than function. Electric Tea Kettle Quality Electric kettles are required to undergo quality control inspection through different locations in the factory from its raw materials to the finished product.

The plastic and steel materials are bound for preparation, testing, and examination of defects such as scratches, discoloration, or wear. Each set of electrical components are also required to be inspected and tested by laboratories before they can be assembled. Once the electric tea kettles have been assembled in factories, they are again subject to multi-level inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process. The finished product - the final electric kettle - is then checked by plugging in to an electrical source and the operated prior to being packed for selling. Popular Kettle Brands and Models Different companies offer different models of tea kettles, each catering to different preferences and needs.

Here are some of them: Aquaexpress Electric Tea Kettle by Braun - this model has a large, ergonomic handle that assists in pouring water or tea easily. The kettle also has gauges on either sides so that it would be easier to measure its contents. The heating element uses gold-plated metal, that helps minimize the accumulation of mineral scales.

Best of all, the tea jug is cordless, and is thus very convenient. Ibis Electric Tea Kettle by Bodum - this model is highly prized for its large capacity and fast boiling. The electric kettle can hold up to seven cups of water. At its maximum capacity, it can heat water in no more than five minutes.

The jug can easily be lifted off the base for convenient pouring. The kettle comes in three attractive colors. Bosch Designer Water/Tea Kettle - this pricey kettle is a creation by prizewinning designer F.A.

Porsche. This is valued for its fashionable design and slick look. It has a brushed aluminum exterior that prevents annoying fingerprints. Cordless Electric Tea Kettle by Delonghi Metropolis - yet another stylish model is as beautiful as it is functional. This kettle can hold up to seven liters, and has an automatic shutter.

Technology has definitely brought tea kettles to a higher level. With the new electric kettles available in the market, people can enjoy tea while having an indispensable kitchen tool that is not only functional, but beautiful as well.

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