Some Facts You May Not Know About Burgundy Wines

The making of wine dates back several millennia and there are few wines more revered than those that come from France. What's interesting to note is that French wines are part American. This is because during the 19th century, European vineyards suffered from several different plights that included pestilence and disease. This pretty much wiped out the vineyards and in order to get healthy plants to grow, they had to be spliced with American one. Some of the most notable French wines are the Burgundy ones.

Burgundy is located in the central eastern portion of France. Using two varieties of grapes produces these wines. Using the Pinot Noir variety derives the red wine and the white wine is made from the Chardonnay Grape. There are many types of Burgundy wines, and perhaps the difference in taste is due to the fact that the region has different types of soil. Chablis produces the white wine that it is named after. These include Petit Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru, and Chablis Grand Cru.

The soil that these grapes grow in contains fossils that help to fertilize it as well as limestone. The highest quality wine is considered to be the Grand Cru label, followed closely by the Premier Cru. This wine is both dry and fruity and enjoyed by all who taste it. The Pommard region only produces red wine. These are strong, robust wines.

At one time, the quality of this wine had decreased, however the vineyards have since improved them and they are once more known for their exceptional taste and quality. The wines of Volnay have been loved for over 800 hundred years. These are elegant red wines that are so delicious that at one time a French King confiscated a whole production for his sole usage. The Meursault region produces only white wines.

These wines are considered by many to be the finest ones that are made in France. That should not be a surprise since the region has been making these wines since the year 1050. Garnered from so much expertise, these wines have earned the coveted Premier Cru Label. Although Beaujolais is accepted as being a part of the wine regions of Burgundy, technically it a part of the Rhone-Alpes region. They use a different grape for their wines called the Gamay Noir.

These are light fruity wines that go well with fish and fowl dishes. The French have impacted the food and beverage industry heavily over the past centuries. They are well loved not just for their wine, but their pastries and chocolates as well. If you are able to vacation there and sample these treats straight from the source, you will be well rewarded for your travels.

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