MREs on EBay

The United States Military has food packages called MREs or Meals-Ready-to-Eat. They actually are not too bad and if you are out in the middle of nowhere they are a blessing. Of course these are not the most-tasty meals, nothing like a Juicy Lucy, In-and-Out Burger or Back Yard Burger meal.

But when you are in a foxhole, a tank or battlefield, well they will do, they have too.Some complain, but they are in fact a life savor when needed and FEMA was giving them out to Hurricane victims after Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Now personally I have heard from troops, soldiers and Marines, that when they are doing war games out in the desert they will throw them away as they drive in the middle of the desert.

This to me is a waste unless it is a tactic to trick the enemy into thinking that you have been somewhere. In this case I think they were just wasting government money and our tax dollars.It is kind of upsetting to hear of this, but boys will be boys I guess. After I heard about that, story I must say I was irked for about a day, but then thought what a potentially smart tactic of taking many MREs and dropping them along a road and your enemy would think a convoy came by there or was in the vicinity, as this would alter their movements and tactics.

So, thinking this I quickly forgot about the problematic waste of taxpayer's money.But now we have different issue, these MREs are showing up on eBay, now then it makes sense to buy them incase your family is in crisis of a volcano, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or wildfire, why not buy a bunch and stock up? Sure sounds great right? Yah, but where did the people selling them get them? They are US Government Property right?.Did victims of Katrina and Rita decide that the meals sucked and wanted to wait for a chance to pillage the local Super Wal-Mart again? Did they decide to lose some weight and wait for McDonalds and Krispy Kreme to re-open and then take all those meals and sell them on eBay so they could use the money to buy some 'crystal meth,' I mean if someone is going to loot 24-hours after a Hurricane, claiming they ran out of food in two-days, then I would not put anything past them, would you? One case of MREs was selling on eBay for $51.

00, so you just never know? Think on this.

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