Make Your Date Perfect Find the Right Restaurant

Ah, a date coming up! And you want to take your friend or family to a perfect dinner to cap the celebration. The only problem now is where to take them. If you are unfamiliar with the restaurants in town or if you just want to try something new and exciting, and want some tips on how to find the perfect restaurant, you have come to the right place.

Below are a few tips on finding the perfect restaurant to guarantee a perfect date. 1. Consult a Restaurant Guide.

Yes, it may seem like a lazy way to know more about the restaurants in your area but it is also one of the most comprehensive and safe ways to do so. A restaurant guide will typically give you a detailed summary and comparison of the different restaurants in the area. It will also help you find the restaurant you are looking for. You will usually be able to find these booklets at bookstores or supermarkets. You may also want to consult with people you know who have tried various restaurants in the area. Their first-hand experience and know-how will go a long way towards choosing a great restaurant for you.

However, you will have to be aware that these people will already have certain biases towards taste, ambience, and service. So if you really want a great restaurant choice, consult a friend who has similar taste as yours when it comes to restaurants. 2. Price isnít everything. Just because a restaurant is pricey doesnít mean itís the best restaurant around.

But generally speaking restaurants that are too inexpensive may prove to be on the low-end of the quality table. If you are working on a budget, you may want to get sample menus from restaurants around the place. 3. Plan Ahead.

Be sure you know how many people are coming so that you can plan a menu ahead of time. This is of course if you are ordering for everyone. If you would like to have everyone choose from the menu, that would be fine too. You will have to prepare a bit more cash in the eventuality that they choose a dish that may be a bit too expensive. Visit the restaurant ahead of time, if you can.

Try to find out how the service is at the place. If youíre in for a big date, you might want to try out some of their dishes too. Take note of the layout of the restaurant; look for entrances, exits, washrooms, and other facilities the restaurant me offer. Also, try to know the service culture of the restaurant. Do they give free appetizers? Will they serve complimentary drinks, or breadsticks? Will their servings be enough for one, or two? These things may be petty, but they really do add a lot of weight to the dining experience. For example, have you ever experienced being a restaurant ordering for a serving for each person not knowing that each serving is big enough for three? Or have you experienced ordering a dish to share not knowing that it would barely fill one persons gut? 4.

Know the People You are Taking to the Restaurant. Avoid planning mightily hard for a dinner date and finding a Japanese restaurant only to find out that the person you are taking on the date is partial to Italian food. Get to know their preferences and their favorite dishes. The added thought of researching for someoneís preferences will go along way towards winning their affections. 5. It Isnít Just the Food.

Believe it or not, to make a perfect restaurant date, it isnít just the food you have to consider. A perfect dining night is composed of good service, good food, good ambience and great memories. So if you want to put together the perfect dinner, consider these aspects of the restaurant. Make sure the waiters, waitresses and the Maitre dí are all courteous and accommodating. The restaurant also has to be clean with a certain ambience about it. And of course, the food has to be terrific.

Now go with all these tips and have a great time with your friends, family, and loved ones. Bon Appetit! .

By: Daegan Smith


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