Goji Berries A Quick Insight

Facts first-Goji berries have more protein than whole wheat, about 500 times more vitamin C than oranges and more carotene B than carrots. And do you think this is enough? Those berries are considered to have high concentration of anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging compounds. These highly salubrious compounds provide you immunity against cancer, aging, heart disease, diabetes and problems of nervous system in addition to various other health related problems. Gojies are perhaps the only fruit that contains vitamin E, vitamin B1 and B6. What is more they also come with about 18 amino acids (building blocks of proteins) and about twenty one trace minerals.

And you were thinking these are only berries. Goji also possesses essential fatty acids. It is perhaps the richest source of carotenoids on this earth. If you think that all this is too much and it is nothing sort of a miracle, why not try it for yourself.

After all, what you would be losing? And if it is what I am trying to make you realize, just think how much you are going to benefit. If you visit Tibet or Mongolia you would find that for centuries, Goji berries have been prescribed by herbalists for a whole lot of problems. What is more every year a two week festival is held to honor these small red berries. And there are ample reasons for naming it the "happy berry" because local folklore says eating them when you start the day keeps you smiling all through the day. And Goji berries are not restricted to Mongolia and Tibet.

Chinese medicines have used them for centuries and you can find a poem dedicated to their benefits written by the opet Liu Yuxi of the Tang dynasty (772-842 AD). It goes without saying that people residing in this part of the world just love to have Gojies. But in the west, Goji is a little known commodity and just a fraction of the west knows about it. And that is what we intend to do. To let all of you know the essential qualities of Goji berries. WHAT ACTUALLY IS GOJI BERRY? The native of Tibet and Mongolia is technically known as Lycium Barbarum (Latin).

It comes from the family of Solanaceae (flowering). Some of the other plants of the same family include potatoes, tobacco and tomatoes. Scientists have so far found out eight different varieties of lycium berries. Chinese believe that Chinese Wolfberry as a Goji berry that can cure male sexual dysfunction but scientists claim that Chinese Wolfberry is not actually a true Goji berry and is just related to Lycium Berbarum.

Goji berry is a small bright red fruit that is shaped almost like a raisin and grows on vines with green leaves. You would find that owing to its delicacy the berries are shaken from the vines during harvest and not picked. They are then carefully dried in the shade. When you eat it, you would find it very chewy and taste would be a cross between cranberry and raisin.

Goji berry is also known as happy berry, gou qu zi and gouqi. IMPORTANCE OF GOJI BERRIES Actually it is not just possible to include all the benefits of Goji berry here but let us have a cursory look at it. Gojies are rich sources of vitamins and other nutrients.

They contain vitamin B1, B2, B6, C and E and also has about eighteen amino acids. They are considered perhaps the richest source of vitamin C. only Australian billygoat plum and the South American camu camu are better sources. As for minerals, they contain zinc, phosphorus, germanium, iron and calcium in different proportions.

What is more they also contain antioxidants essential to human health. It is true that Goji berries are still an unknown commodity in most parts of the world but it is surely gaining good grounds in the west. And why not, after all, it is perhaps one of the most nutritious natural products available on the earth. With time the whole world has to awake to its potential benefits but since now you know what it is all about, treat yourself to Goji berries.

There is nothing for you lose with it. There are only gains associated with Goji and you would do well to avail it.

Learn all about the nutritional facts of the Goji Berries, visit Goji Berries Guide | Nutritional Facts Learn more about the powerful Himalayan Goji Berries at Goji Berry Guide | Himalayan Goji Berries


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