Electronic Ticket

Electronic TicketElectronic ticketing, also known as E-ticket, allows your entire travel experience to be easy, safe and electronic. It is as easy as asking for an Electronic ticket next time you book a flight with Air Canada or your travel agent. It is efficient by making it a snap for you to make changes and cancellations. Electronic tickets are electronic, which means no more paper tickets - your ticket is stored in our computer system waiting for you when you arrive at the airport.

Book your flight with Air Canada or your travel agent and ask for an Electronic ticket
Purchase your ticket using a credit card or other payment
The system creates an itinerary/receipt that can be mailed, faxed or Emailed to you according to your preference
Reserve an assigned seat
Tickets may be purchased up to 1 hour before departure

Electronic ticketing is now available throughout Canada and most of our transborder and international destinations. Select your destination from the sub-menu below to know if your next flight experience can be electronic.

Ensure you have your itinerary/receipt, the credit card used to purchase the ticket and/or valid photo I.D. and all necessary travel documents. Name on the I.D. must match the name on the itinerary/receipt.

Use the itinerary/receipt to clear security and go straight to your boarding gate
Present your itinerary/receipt and credit card used to purchase the ticket and/or photo I.D. or Frequent Flyer card and receive your boarding card
You are ready to board

Air Canada currently offers interline E-tickets with most of the other Star Alliance partners. Air Canada together with its Star partners, offers a global, seamless Star E-ticket product.