Different Views of Gourmet Coffee Pod

Coffee beans are not beans at all but the seeds from the fruit of a coffee plant. There are two ways to remove these seeds, which are wet and dry extracting. Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world passed only by petroleum. It is also the most popular beverage. Types of Coffee The two main coffees grown for commercial use are Arabica and Robusta coffee. For a gourmet coffee, Robusta does not fit everyone's taste.

Having double the caffeine of Arabica coffee, it lacks the aroma or taste. Arabica gourmet coffee is a superior grade coffee with fabulous aroma and a wonderful taste. A gourmet coffee pod is a pre-packaged, pre-measured amount of sealed coffee that you drop into your coffee pod maker and just add water. In 30 seconds, you are drinking a fresh, perfect mug of gourmet coffee. No measuring of coffee necessary so this makes them very convenient and fast. Once the gourmet coffee is finished, simply throw the pod away.

There are also tea pods for all the tea lovers that work the same way as the coffee pods. When you get up in the morning, the very last thing you want to do is get out a filter, measure your gourmet coffee, measure the water and wait for the coffee to brew. This is almost torture for a person that cannot function without their first cup of gourmet coffee. Coffee pod makers are a wonderful invention that allows you to have a fabulous cup of gourmet coffee in 30 seconds. You fill the coffee pod maker with water, put a coffee pod in it and push a button. There are coffee pod makers that only make a single cup or some that make several cups.

Half a minute later, you are drinking your rich, frothy gourmet coffee. Coffee pod makers are stylish and sleek and look great in a kitchen or breakfast nook. Flavors of Gourmet Coffee Pods You can get gourmet coffee pods in several brew strengths such as mild, medium and dark roasted. Although this coffee may cost a little more, it is well worth the extra money spent. Gourmet coffee pods come in many different and unique flavors and sizes such as 14 pod bags and 50 pod boxes. Here are some of the many flavors available: ? Caramel nut crunch ? Chocolate cappuccino ? Mocha cinnamon ? French vanilla ? Hazelnut ? Swiss chocolate almond ? Almond ? Chocolate mint ? Peppermint ? Express ? Irish cream Gourmet coffee pods are also available in decaffeinated.

If you are one of those people that cannot open their eyes or function before they have their first cup of coffee, then a coffee pod is the way to go. By the time you put your gourmet coffee pod in the coffee maker and push the button, it is time to drink your first mug of coffee and wake up to the wonderful aroma and taste of gourmet coffee. Life is great.

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